Myopericytoma of Oral Cavity: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Shivani P Bansal, Rajiv S Desai, Subraj Shetty


Myopericytoma is a recently proposed term to describe a group of tumors that originate from perivascular myoid cells and show a range of histological growth patterns. The tumor typically arises within subcutaneous tissues of extremities. Only a small number of cases describing myopericytoma in the oral cavity have been reported. Though rare, myopericytoma should be included in the differential diagnosis of well-circumscribed, vascular, slow growing lesions of the oral cavity. We hereby, present a rare case of myopericytoma on lower lip in a 40 year old woman. Literature pertaining to myopericytoma of oral cavity has been reviewed and described.


Lip; Myopericytoma; Myofibroma; Neoplasm; Oral Cavity; Perivascular.

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