Platelet-Rich Fibrin Membrane Combined With Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Bone Graft in the Treatment of Intrabony Defect: A Three-Year Case Report

Metin Çalişir, Aysun Akpinar, Aysan Alpan


Growth factors such as platelet-derived growth factors indicate potent effect on the regeneration of periodontium. Biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) bone graft materials have potent osteoconductive effects on the alveolar bone. Mixing two products may lead greater advantage to bone regeneration. In this case report, regeneration of deep periodontal intrabony defect was attempted using hydroxyapatite (HA)+ β-tricalsium phosphate (β-TCP) with a membrane made from platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)  to assess if regeneration of new bone is possible. This study resulted in 3 years healing including; decreased pocket depth (PD), clinical attachment level (CAL) gain.


Periodontal Regeneration, Platelet-Rich Fibrin Membrane, Β-Tricalcium Phosphate, Hydroxiapatit

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