Erupted Complex Odontoma: A Case Report

Paula Dantas Vieira, Emanuel Mendes Sousa, Silvan Correa, Clarinda Pires de Carvalho Mello, Clélea de Oliveira Calvet, Clarissa Lopes Vieira


The odontoma corresponds to the most common odontogenic tumor found in the oral cavity and is considered by some authors just as a developmental anomaly. Histologically two types of odontoma are determined: compound and complex. Both undergo a second classification considering the location: (1) central odontoma have intra-bone location, (2) peripheral odontoma have extra-bone location, usually in soft tissues like muscles, gums and mucosa, and (3) erupted odontoma show themselves exposed to the oral cavity, may cause painful symptoms due to inflammation, which is the rarest in the literature. The most frequent location is intraosseous, in exceptional cases odontoma erupts in the oral cavity. This article reports a rare case of complex odontoma that is in eruptive process in the oral cavity, being detected by radiographic findings and indicated as a treatment to surgical removal of the same. Confirmation of diagnosis came through the histopathologic examinations performed.


Odontoma; Odontogenic Tumor; Child

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