Aggressive Pyogenic Granuloma: A Case Report

Deepa Mastammanavar, Santosh Hunasgi, Anila Koneru, Vanishree M, Surekha R, Vardendra M


The pyogenic granuloma is an exuberant tissue response to local irritation or trauma. Pyogenic granuloma is relatively common, soft tissue tumor of oral cavity that is believed to be reactive and not neoplastic in nature. The young lesions are highly vascular, red or reddish purple, often elevated and ulcerated, and bleed easily. Older lesions tend to be more collagenized and pink in appearance and histologically it resembles an angiomatous lesion rather than a granulomatous lesion. Some believe that the older lesion will develop into a peripheral ossifying fibroma or peripheral fibroma over time through fibrous maturation and ossification. In this paper, we present a case of pyogenic granuloma with large size and bone loss occurring on the posterior mandibular gingiva in a 44 years old female patient.


Aggressive;Angiomatous;Inflammatory Hyperplasia;Pyogenic Granuloma;Reactive

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