Mandibular Cholesterol Granuloma Mimicking a Dentigerous Cyst

Ana Carolina Mesquita Netto, João Artur Ricieri, Camila de Nazaré Alves de Oliveira, Ronaldo Raivil Arruda, Ricardo Santiago Gomez, Ricardo Alves Mesquita


Cholesterol granuloma is an inflammatory foreign body reaction to cholesterol crystals. In this case report, it was described a rare cholesterol granuloma associated with a crown of the impacted tooth, resembling an early dentigerous cyst. Histopathologically, a large collection of longitudinal clefts could be observed, which proved to be cholesterol crystals surrounded by foreign body giant cells and macrophages filled with hemosiderin. The lesion and the third molar were fully excised. The patient is currently under follow-up and is free of disease.


Cholesterol Granuloma; Cholesterol Crystals; Dentigerous Cyst; Foreign Body;

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