Neurofibromatosis Type-1 with Solitary Neurofibroma of Palate: A Rare Case with Literature Review

Sivaranjani Yeluri, Samatha Chittemsetti, Sravya Taneeru, Rajani Korlepara


Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disease characterised by multiple neurofibromas usually inherited as an autosomal dominant variety. Neurofibroma is a neurogenic tumour which manifests either as a solitary nodule or multiple as a part of neurofibromatosis. Skin is the most common site of involvement and its presence in oral cavity is rare. Oral manifestations have been reported in only 4-7% of neurofibromatosis cases. The most commonly affected sites include tongue and buccal mucosa and the rare sites of occurrence being palate and maxillary-mandibular bones. This article presents a rare case of multiple neurofibromatosis associated with a solitary neurofibroma of the palate in a 60 year old female. 


Hard Palate;Maxillary;Neurofibromatosis;Neurofibroma

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