Hepatitis-B Vaccine: Its Implication to the Field of Medicine

Shivani Ravi, Nadeem Jeddy, Radhika Thangavelu


Hepatitis B infection is a highly communicable viral infection which affects liver. The virus is usually present in the body fluids of infected individuals and can be transmitted through sexual contact, perinatal exposure, blood transfusion, contaminated needles and syringes. Vaccination is mandatory for individuals at high risk as the virus can be transmitted even through insignificant amount of body fluids and result in life-threatening consequences. The existing vaccine developed for this viral infection is highly disputable for its duration of immunity. Studies on immune memory and duration of immunity provided by the vaccine have shown varying results. This review provides an overview on hepatitis B vaccine with emphasis on the duration of immunity provided by the vaccine and its implications in the medical field.


Human Hepatitis; Immune process; Immunization; Liver; Vaccination; Viral infection.

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