Pyogenic Granuloma in the Aesthetic Region after Installation of Implant Supported Denture: Report of two Cases and Literature Review

Emerson Filipe de Carvalho Nogueira, Luciano Barreto Silva, Bruno José Carvalho Macêdo Neres, Thiago Nunes de Siqueira Pedrosa, Gerhilde Callou Sampaio, José Ricardo de Holanda Vasconcellos


The purpose of this paper is to present two clinical cases of pyogenic granuloma in the buccal cavity that developed in the aesthetic region after the installation implant supported denture, as well as perform a critical review on granulomas in dental implants. The first case presented an exophytic, reddish, asymptomatic lesion in the cervical region, 21 days after extraction of the fractured element 11 and implant with immediate prosthesis installation. In the second case, the fractured element 12 was extracted, the implant was installed and the prosthesis was placed after 5 months. This element developed lesion with similar characteristics to the first case, but with 2 months of rehabilitation. The cause of lesion development in both cases was related to local trauma due to mobility and instability of the provisional prostheses. Both cases were treated with prosthesis removal, cleaning and sanitizing of the region with a solution of chlorhexidine 0.2%, repositioning and stabilization of the prostheses, which resulted in complete regression of the lesions, achieved in around 30 days without the need of any surgical intervention. Correct diagnosis, knowledge of possible etiologies and its location are important factors in the planning of patients with pyogenic granuloma. Patients rehabilitated with dental implants are subject to development of this lesion, and the lack of knowledge of the characteristics of the reactive lesions may lead to unnecessary biopsies and development of important aesthetic defects.


Dental Implants; Gingival Diseases; Pyogenic Granuloma; Prostheses and Implants.

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