‘Investigation into the role of various factors during Flasking and Packing of Heat Cure Acrylic Resin, resulting in occlusal descrepancies in processed Complete Dentures’.



Aim-The purpose of this study is to evaluate the displacement of artificial teeth in the invested mould in different orientations of the occlusal plane and evaluation and comparison of the displacement of teeth in waxed dentures after packing & processing of complete dentures.
Materials & Method - 27 mandibular edentulous cast were selected on which waxed up dentures were prepared with six metal tubes inserted. These served as reference points for measurements. Radiographs were taken for each waxed up denture during all the stages of flasking and processing. The scanned radiographs were subjected to AutoCAD programme, to evaluate the positional variation of metal tubes, signifying the shifting of the teeth during flasking and processing of the dentures. The measurements obtained were subjected to statistical analysis. The thickness of the ‘flash’ produced during packing of the three different resins was also noted & compared.
Result- There was no statistical significant deviation in the dimensional discrepancies for 0, 20 &30 degrees orientation of occlusal plane; however, dentures made with Lucitone had minimum thickness of ‘flash’ & showed least dimensional discrepancies amongst the three heat cured resins used.
Conclusion- The use of more plastic heat cure acrylic resin material exhibit least average thickness of ‘flash’, thus minimizing the occlusal discrepancies during processing of complete dentures. 


Occlusal Discrepancies;Complete Denture;Heat Cure Acrylic Resin;Processing of Complete Denture

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