Comparative study to assess the effect of chewing stick and toothbrush on oral hygiene and periodontal status among Indian population

Raghavendra M Shetty, Sunaina shetty, Sachin B.M, Ramesh Amirisetty, Abhishek Agrawal


Aim: The purpose of this study was to asses and compare the oral hygiene, gingival and periodontal conditions among a group of Indian population who used miswak, toothbrush or combined miswak\brush for their routine daily oral hygiene. Materials and Methods: A total of 528 subjects participated in this study (63.6% females and 36.4% males), ranging in age from 20 to 45 years (mean ± SD = 35.43 ± 12.83). All subjects were interviewed regarding their oral hygiene habits and use of miswak and conventional toothbrush. After fulfilling the entry criteria participants were classified according to their oral hygiene habits as miswak users (group I), tooth brush users (group II) or both miswak users and tooth brush users (group III). All subjects were assessed using Simplified Oral Hygiene Index (OHI-S), gingival index, pocket depth and gingival recession. Data was analysed using ANOVA test and Scheffe test according to need. The level of significance used was 5% level. Results: It showed that there was no statistically significant difference of OHI-S between groups (P= 0.751). On the other hand, all the three groups differ significantly in relation to mean gingival index (p= 0.000). Also, Group II demonstrated a significantly higher mean pocket depth than Group I (p=0.019). However, gingival recession was significantly higher in Group I in comparison to Group II and Group III (P=0.000). Conclusion: This study demonstrated that, apart from gingival recession that might be encountered in miswak users, the miswak exhibits a significantly higher improvement in gingival and periodontal conditions as compared to tooth brush. 


Tooth Brush; Oral Hygiene; Gingivitis; Periodontal Pocket; Gingival Recession; Chewing Stick; Oral Hygiene; Periodontal Status

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