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International Journal of Public Health Dentistry considered the manuscripts for its initial editorial review, with the understanding that they have not been published previously/ they have not been accepted for publication and is not under consideration for publication by another publisher in print / electronic medium. This excludes the form of an abstract/ as part of a published lecture or thesis.

All submission must have a main Author for Correspondence. All co –authors must give an approval for the manuscript Submission. All correspondence will be mailed to the Corresponding author. Corresponding author should convey the messages to the co-authors.

All authors must go through the Authors Guidelines before submitting the manuscript to avoid the delay in processing, as the incomplete manuscripts will be returned to the authors for the necessary changes, before being accepted for the first round editorial Review.

Once the submitted manuscript met all specifications for submission an acknowledgement letter with Manuscript ID will be mailed to the Corresponding author within 72 Hours. Authors advised to mention this number for any future Correspondence.

A manuscript submission to International Journal of Public Health Dentistry by corresponding author gives all authors consent to the editor, that he can edit the manuscript to improve its grammar, style and wordings without changing the facts of the study.


Steps for Manuscripts Submission

1.     Five Step Online submission through Website:

·          First go to Home page

·          If you are a New User Register

·          Register as Author, Reader, Reviewer

·          Once Register Login

·          Go to Author page

·          Click New submission

·          Follow the link

·          Accept Terms & Condition

·          Upload the main file

·          Then Supplementary files.( Cover Letter, Authors Details, Tables, Graphs, Copy right forms)

2.     Email submission: Email the manuscript.doc file, Cover letter .doc /.jpg, tables exel files, Graph in .tif 300dpi resolution or excel files, in zipped format to

Any questions regarding the status of an accepted manuscript can be sent from the site once you login. Or to editorial office: You will receive a reply within 2 working days.

Language & Format

International Journal of Public Health Dentistry accepts English manuscripts. All manuscripts will be evaluated for the Language errors before sending for review. Authors will be instructed to correct the mistakes before editorial review. The preferred format for the manuscript submission is .doc or .rtf.  Tables should be in excel format.


Types of Manuscripts & Section Policy

1.        Research Papers: Manuscripts reports original research/Studies/Survey etc.

2.        Letters to the Editors: Manuscripts which report unique reports but do not qualify for other sections, results of pilot studies and comment on the articles published in International Journal of Public Health Dentistry. An abstract is not required. The letter should not be divided into sections. The Letters will undergo peer review similar to other articles.

3.        Announcements: International Journal of Public Health Dentistry publishes announcements of conferences, meetings, seminars, symposia, courses, and other items. The announcements should be less than 100 words. They must be accompanied by name, address and email of a contact person.

4.        Educational Posters: For Poster section, the manuscript must meet all the criteria of a Research Article given above with the difference that 10-15 figures can be submitted for this section. The figures may include Charts, Graphs, Tables, clinical images, radiology images pathology images or a series of images of a procedure or event. For any technical questions, please contact the Editorial Office.

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with "Uniform requirements for Manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals" developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

All manuscripts must contain;

1.        Manuscript Text File .doc  / .rtf

2.        Cover Letter  .doc/ .rtf ( Contain all Authors including Corresponding Author’s Name, Designation, Address, Phone, Email)

3.        Acknowledgement

4.        Supplementary Files (Tables & Graphs in excel format & Figures 300dpi resolution .jpg /. Tiff)

5.        Copy right form signed by all authors  ( in the order their names to be included in the final article).

Cover Letter


(Name, Academic Degrees, Designation, Affiliation, Address, Ph, Email of the Corresponding Author)


Editor, IJPHD.

Sub: Research Paper/ Letter to Editor/Announcement/Poster

             I Dr.(Name of Corresponding author) state that, on behalf of all co-authors mentioned below, wish to submit the manuscript entitled (Manuscript Title) for consideration for publication in International Journal of Public Health Dentistry. The study is an original work of all authors and we affirm that similar or identical work has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. All the authors made significant amount of contribution to the study. All authors read and approved the final version of submitted manuscript before submission. The manuscript was presented at (meeting/ conference name, venue, date which paper was presented.)

The importance of this study was (mention the reason behind this article should be published).

Yours Truly

Signature of the Corresponding Author

Lists of Names of all Authors in the Order it should appear in the final article

1.        (The full name, affiliation, academic degree(s), Ph, Fax and email address of all authors.)


Instructions for Manuscript Preparation

Provide single document which includes the Title Page, Abstract and manuscript text. Use Microsoft Word document (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) to prepare the document.  Use the following points to prepare and format the manuscript.


Research Article

·          Authors: Six authors maximum (if more than six authors please contact the Editorial Office before submitting the article.)

·         Abstract - Structured abstract less than 250 words (Introduction/Background, Aims & Objective, materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion), followed by 3-5 keywords

·         Word limit: 3000 - 4000 words

·         Structure of manuscript: Introduction, Objective, Materilats & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion

·         Tables: 5 or less

·         Figures: 2 or less

·         References: 40 or less

Educational Posters

·         Authors: 3 authors maximum

·         Abstract: Structured abstract less than 250 words (Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion), followed by 3-5 keywords

·         Word limit: 1500 words maximum

·         Structure of manuscript: Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion

·         Tables: 3 or less

·         Figures: 10 or less

·         References: 15 or less

Letters to the Editors

·         Authors: 2 authors maximum

·         Abstract: Not required

·         Word limit: 800 words maximum

·         Structure of manuscript: Start the manuscript as 'To the Editors,'. Do not divide the manuscript into sections.

·         Tables: 1 or less

·         Figures: 2 or less

·         References: 5 or less

Manuscript Content Order

·         Organize the manuscript as given below, in order:

Title page, A structured abstract,   Key Words 3-5,

Introduction, Aims &, Objectives, Materials& methods,

Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Conflict of Interest, Author contributions, Acknowledgements, References, Images and Figures (if any), Tables (if any).

·         Start main text of the manuscript on a page separate from the abstract page.

·         Use a normal, plain font for text (e.g. 10 point Arial).

·         Manuscripts should be single spaced starting from abstract page onwards. The title page need not be double spaced.

·         There should be at least one inch margin all around the text.

·         Number the pages consecutively, starting from the title page.

·         Use hard returns at the end of paragraphs, do not use an extra hard return after each line; do not use tabs or extra space at the start of paragraphs.

·         Leave NO blank line between each paragraph.

·         The article type must be indicated on the Title Page (Research Article, Poster, and Letter to Editors).

·         Do not use abbreviations in the title or abstract.

·         Define abbreviations on first mention in the text. Give name of company and its location for all products.

·         Cite all reference numbers in the text in parenthesis before the closing punctuation mark. There should not be any space between two numbers, e.g. (1), (2,3), (2,5-8).

·         Cite all figure and table numbers in the text in parenthesis, e.g. (Figure 1) or (Figures 1, 2) or (Figures 1A, 2).

·         Use conventional units of measurement throughout the manuscript.

·         Use the table-function of the word-processor or excel used for writing the manuscript to make tables.

·         Use generic names of drugs, unless mention of the specific trade name of a drug cannot be avoided. For any trade name used in the text, capitalize the first letter, and include the manufacturer's name and location (city, state/province, country).

Manuscripts which won’t fulfill the above mentioned criteria’s will be returned to authors for correction before doing the first review.

Title page: The first page of the manuscript the 'Title Page' should include the following:

·         Type of manuscript (Research article, Educational Posters, Letter to Editors)

·         Title of manuscript (No abbreviations in the title)

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