International Journal Of Medicine


       International Journal Of Medicine is a bi-annually published research journal in the field of medicine. The journal accepts only a few submissions a year and is extensively reviewed by an experienced team of medical researchers in the field of clinical & non-clinical faculties. Medical Research Fields are vastly diverisified in their own nature and thus it is difficult to unify these uniquely different methodologies and concepts to be classified and examined to be standardized under a unique reserach publication facility; and thus the difficulty arises Cover-INTJMwhen bio-scientists from nion clinical medical realms such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology and medical biochemistry to streamline their thought processes and reserach ideas to be efficiently bridged into applied medical science specialities; such as General Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gastro Eneterology, Ophthalmology, ENT and such along with unique and important human behavioural pattern scientific study areas of Physical Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Quantum Bio Energetics, BioTechnology,  and Quantum Positronic Bio Energy Field Therapies.

     The Journal aims at streamlining and integrating these diverse but equally important human science methodologies and modern scientific approaches & advances into an easily accessible unified platform under which all homo sapien sapiens related genetic or non-genetic breakthrough advancements may be accessed for free to be useful for potentially evolved scienfitifc fields beyond our current times; as modern science is rapidly catching up or crossiing over at an alarming pace beyond oridnary human thinking of carbon based intelliegence and elecromagnetic pulse regulated bio-rhythms; into the hitherto unexplored realms of conscious mind based manipulation of four dimensional bio energy organic matric reprgramming and nano technology based artificial intelligence partial bio integrated life forms for sustainability and endurance in the coming machine ages. Home Sapiens Sapiens are literally at cross roads between science, technology, religion and of course spirituality. Medical Reserach fields have gone a long way from human lulu's peeping into optical microscopes and turning that heavy wheel to sediment stuff, to scientifically harnessing bioenergy to fuel intelligent bio etheric forms to be commanded and controlled to recuperate, regenerate or replace those useless oxy-degradable organic tissue forms into crystalline DNA based resilient multi dimensional life forms.

      At these exciting times; we are proud to introduce cutting edge technological and bio-mechanical reserach concepts into the lower homosapiens sapiens world to benefit those who are still clutching their hard bound Robinson"s or Grey's; by introducing this journal into the truly innovative and neutrally open scientific medical community...

   The submissions for this unique journal would be specially scrutinized by high level researchers  in their own respectable fields and only innovative and original works would be considered for final publication.

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